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Specifications, Documents and Technical Data - From Material Safety Data Sheets to specifications, here is where the substantial information can be found.

Color Charts, Brochures & Banners - PDF and JPEG versions of all our our sales/marketing pieces designed to educate and inform contractors, property owners and specifiers.

Product Benefits - Detailed information about why our products are different.

How To SeriesStep by step instruction for how to use some of the products we manufacture. Check back often as this series will be growing.

Training Seminar Information


01/11/18 – 01/12/18
02/08/18 – 02/09/18
03/08//18 – 03/09/18
04/12/18 – 04/13/18
05/10/18 – 05/11/18
06/07/18 – 06/08/18
07/12/18 – 07/13/18
08/09/18 – 08/10/18
09/13/18 – 09/14/18
10/11/18 – 10/12/18
11/08/18 – 11/09/18
12/06/18 – 12/07/18

1. Introduction

  • The History of Elite Crete Systems Midwest
  • The performance benefits of our Hybrid Polymer Modifiers vs. industry norm VAE co-polymers & acrylic modifiers.
  • Why Elite Crete Systems products outperform all other products.
  • Decorative concrete history and where the industry is going.
  • Understanding the chemical composition of the products.
  • How to fully utilize the product versatility.
  • Product cost breakdown and comparisons for ensure profitability.

2. Hands on Procedures from Start to Finish

  • The importance of proper surface preparation.
  • Skim coat resurfacing, restoration and broom finishing.
  • Splatter textures and knockdowns.
  • 1/4″ thin stamped overlays.
  • Various types of custom interior flooring systems.
  • Design implementation, carving saw cutting & grouting techniques.
  • Coloring, staining and highlighting techniques.
  • Sealers, clear & pigmented coatings.
  • Industrial epoxy and polyaspartic coatings.

3. Understanding Product Uses and Descriptions

  • THIN-FINISH™ – For skim coats, broom finishes, splatter textures, knockdowns, slate trowel downs and repair coats.
  • TEXTURE-PAVE™ – For thin stamped overlays, leveling, repair and even countertops (cast in place and pre-cast).
  • MICRO-FINISH™ – For very smooth interior floor finishes, surface restoration and vertical “venetian stucco” wall finishes.
  • CSS EMULSION™ – The most versatile clear sealer available.
  • CSS-V EMULSION™ – A VOC compliant version of CSS EMULSION™.
  • CLEAN-PRINT™ Liquid Release Agent.
  • CHEM-STONE™ Reactive Stain.
  • ULTRA-STONE™ Antiquing Stain.
  • HYDRA-STONE™ Dye Stain.
  • REFLECTOR™ Enhancer Flooring Systems.
  • PORTION CONTROL COLORANT™ – The most versatile colorants available.
  • E100 Series 100% Solids Epoxies for Industrial Floor Coatings – VOC free, clean and pigmented, durable coatings.
  • SPARTIC-ALL™ RM Polyaspartic – Clear and pigmented protective coating.
  • AUS-V™ – High performance clear coating.
  • New products and applications such as AUS-HD or UL7 Underlayment Epoxy

4. Business Development and Marketing

  • Real advice about business startup, adding these services to your existing business or for contractors already in the business.
  • How and where to advertise for the most benefits with the least expense.
  • Free advertising methods that work.

5. What are the Benefits?

  • You will learn the basics through the most detailed applications in the decorative concrete and custom interior flooring industry from the leading manufacturer, developer, supplier and trainer of these types of products and systems.
  • You will develop and create added application solutions to increase profit and marketability.
  • You will learn how to improve estimating, marketing and sales techniques
  • Find out why more contractors switch to Elite Crete Systems than any other product line

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